carefully selected, limited-edition jewelry

exquisitely crafted by women survivors around the world


15% of every purchase goes to a local women’s cause

Look for our limited edition Ecuador Dragonfly Collection Sunday, August 28th

carefully selected, limited-edition jewelry

exquisitely crafted by women survivors around the world


15% of every purchase goes to a local women’s cause


15% of every purchase goes to a local women’s cause

what is soHza sister?

It’s you.
It’s us.

It’s the thread of care
that connects and binds us,
woman to woman,
and makes us powerful.

In the midst of a beautiful world, people are hurting

in places both far away and right next door.

Our connection gives each of us the power to change the world.

Together, we can mend broken families, broken dreams, and broken hearts.

Together, we are soHza sisters.

soHza sister stories

stories about women at the center of change

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Ingrid Brownlee, The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio

Ingrid Brownlee, The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio By: Susan Owens In the same way that yeast works in bread to bring it to life, the words Ingrid Brownlee heard in a Life Skills class as a little girl — “You Are Somebody” — became an anchor for her life, and an...
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Jessica Sparks, Girls on the Run Franklin County

Jessica Sparks, Girls on the Run Franklin Countyby: Amy Huwel Martha was a sweet girl; anyone could tell that by just a quick glance. Bookish and intellectual, with a sense of humor more suited for a roomful of adults than the gang of chatty girls she was surrounded...
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Kristin Shrimplin, Women Helping Women

Kristen Shrimplin, Women Helping Women   By: Marcee Nelson She was excited about her first year on a college campus. She had been living away from home for only 2 months when a so-called “friend” sexually assaulted her. She didn’t tell a soul. A few years later,...
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Michelle Vondrell, Women of Excellence

Michelle Vondrell, Women of Excellence   By: Marcee Nelson How does birth order shape the people we become? The traits of a first born or middle child are always a favorite topic of conversation. But what does it mean to be the last born of ten children? Ask...
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April, Freedom a la Cart

April, Freedom a la Cart   By: Susan Owens In the back of her car are hats, scarves, coats, a few McDonalds gift cards, and a list of emergency phone numbers, including a suicide hotline.  April passes out her survival bags to the girls who walk the streets on...
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