ecuadorian Hana necklace – coral

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Tagua nuts are transformed into jewelry by the steady and patient hand of an Ecuadorian artisan. Tagua (tahg-wah) is a product of the Ecuadorian Ivory Palm and when polished it is nearly indistinguishable from genuine ivory because of its remarkable natural patterning, gleam and weight.

Each piece carries a subtle dragonfly symbol, quietly reminding others that you’re a woman at the center of change.

the dragonfly
Having flown the earth
for 300 million years,
dragonflies symbolize our ability
to overcome times of hardship.
They can remind us
to take time to reconnect
with our own strength,
courage and


a portion of every purchase goes to a local women’s cause.

Learn more about them and how you can get involved
Make a statement with environmentally friendly beads in five cascading strands of acai and pambil seeds from the Amazon Rain Forest. They are polished and strung together by empowered artisans in Ecuador, and secured by an adjustable seed to give you many length options. Each piece of jewelry is a work-of-art, hand-crafted with natural organic ingredients and made by women artisans from around the world. Color and size may vary slightly.


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