Sensitivity, by Ruby Miller

Past moments slip through your thoughts and continue to echo. You can’t understand why you’re stuck in place.image-1

Their laughter and voices stare down on you as you shrink into the only way you now see yourself–through their eyes. Your mind laughs at you but your chest aches. You try to spit up the right words but your humiliation chokes you. You can hear them saying “just a joke…” and then they move on. You wish their jokes didn’t puncture you as you try to hide the blood.

image-1-9The memory of it seeps into your confidence and between your friendships. You cover your tears with loud laughter and wish it was real. But the words you choked on stay like a lingering definition of your attempt at self-preservation, “I don’t care I don’t and I shouldn’t care.” And your laughter is never loud enough to swallow your tears.



Ruby Miller is Junior at Upper Arlington HIgh School in Columbus Ohio

She is interested in creative writing and story telling.

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