Out of the Box Thinking


By: Dr. Gary Huber

Stocksy_txpb49c34f6U8N000_Medium_458385What you think and believe drives every action throughout your life. Your thoughts and beliefs are installed into your brain by those around you. Your family, the community you grew up in, government agencies and institutions all played a part in forming your current ideology. Is the ideology you possess driving the type of results you want?

If you are unhappy with your current circumstance then the only way it will ever change, in fact the only way anything in your life has ever changed, is when you begin to question the current paradigm. To think outside of what is and begin to entertain thoughts of what can be. This takes courage, commitment and a willingness to be different.

Good is the enemy of great. Being good at something can create real problems. If I am good at a given task, then complacency and contentment with my current status will often erode any thought of greater peaks. To explore your greatest potential and discover the depths of your talents requires some degree of pain or discomfort in your present situation.

But to become great at anything or to be elevated to the point of being unique, which represents an even loftier existence, then you will be forced to embrace unique thinking which challenges the status quo and entertain new ideas that others haven’t had or are afraid to embody.

I was a board certified emergency medicine doctor for 20 years. I watched bad things happen to good people over and over again. After years of sitting ringside to this circus, I became increasingly frustrated with the inability of our traditional medical model to offer people better long-term health options. A heart attack is a life changing, and often a life-ending, event.


Shouldn’t we be exploring everything in our power to avoid the first one and certainly prevent the second one? The sad news is . . . we don’t.

The cause of heart disease, strokes, cancer and other horrible health outcomes is lifestyle, diet and daily habits. My beloved medical community was content to simply provide drug therapy and surgery as a means to interrupt the downward spiral of vascular disease despite evidence to the contrary that it did not effectively modify the disease process. It helped reduce the symptoms but did not address the cause of the disease.

Cholesterol is NOT the cause of heart attacks. The medical community has known this for more than 20 years, yet we have failed to act on this knowledge and, what is worse, we have failed to educate the public. We have also failed to offer meaningful strategies to our patients that can be engaged to reverse and prevent future bad events. This is what led me out of the E.R. and into preventative, lifestyle-based, health care.
The old thinking that leads the medical community in a perpetual search for better drugs is missing the proverbial point. Studying disease will never allow you to find health. The U.S. represents just 5% of the world’s population yet we consume 50% of all the pharmaceutical drugs made on this planet. If drugs could make us healthy, then obviously we would be the healthiest people on the planet. We are in fact the fattest, sickest, most disease riddled population on the planet and our life expectancy ranks 31st in the world.

If our results are going to change, then our thinking has to change. This is what occurred in my life. My goal and aspiration throughout my career has been to help people feel good. The lack of active symptoms is not the same as true health. We are not given the tools in medical school to help people find health, and so my mindset and my paradigm had to change. Following a “standard of care” defined by organizations not interested in health would never allow me to fulfill my destiny. In order to fulfill my dream I had to leave the traditional model and pursue redefining what medicine was to me and to my community. My mission and passion is to offer my patients and my community an opportunity to enjoy their richest and most rewarding health.

As women pass through time, have children and walk through the different chapters of life, their bodies change. Convenience foods, poor sleep and stress erode the body’s ability to recover, leaving us feeling less than who we are. Seeking solutions often leads to subpar answers, such as the suggestion that we are just depressed and need an anti-depressant. For the vast majority of women this is not an effective answer.

There are better solutions for women today, but it requires them to think for themselves and often to think outside the box. Reassess what is acceptable and what is simply not good enough.

If you don’t think you are truly depressed (and odds are you aren’t), then don’t accept someone else’s assessment of you in that light. If you feel that your thyroid is functioning poorly but you are being told its normal, trust your instincts and explore solutions that will examine this issue more deeply.

Stop comparing yourself to the standard or to anyone else for that matter. The only comparison you need is to look at who you were and compare it to who you want to be. Any comparisons outside of that are dangerous and potentially harmful. To find better solutions you need simply to ask yourself better questions. If you have old self-limiting beliefs, then abandon them and replace them with a new ideology that serves your mission in life. You are what you think. You become what you believe. To be stuck in an old disabling mindset is a choice. If you are stuck,then seek out new role models, new friendships, and new mindsets that more closely reflect the person you see yourself becoming.

Tick-tock, life moves forward each and every day. Be a participant and not a by-stander. Make things happen, be a force, engage, and refuse to be a statistic, a victim, or a casualty. Everything begins between the ears. Change your thinking to change your life.

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