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By Debbie Lupariello

My sisters, Melissa and Vicki, and I were on a search we never expected. We were happy in our lives—our careers and families. But we realized it wasn’t enough. For all that we’d been given, we wanted to give back. We wanted to make a difference. And we wanted to do it together. But how?

We searched idea after idea—never realizing the answer was right in front of us.

It started with a necklace I bought for my mother. It was beautiful—just as beautiful as the story behind it. It had been made by a woman in Ghana. It had been carefully handcrafted, made from love by a woman determined to make things better for her family.

My sister Vicki mentioned that she had received the same kind of bracelet from her best friend Cassi. When she wore it, she felt the love of her friend as well as a connection to the woman who made it.


Suddenly, we realized our search had ended. We could be the connection. Through these wonderful, wearable pieces of art, we could be agents for women helping women.

And soHza was born. A partnership of women—three sisters and a best friend. Connecting women to causes both locally and globally.

We carefully select jewelry around the world made by women determined to make a change in their lives. And then we partner with local women’s groups to create collections. When you buy jewelry from any soHza collection, we donate money to that local group. As we say, you help a woman here by helping a woman there.

And when you wear soHza jewelry or give it as a gift, you become part of the connection. The jewelry makes a statement. And you make a difference.

Learning about these artisans and their stories has enriched our lives in a way we never thought possible. That’s why we love sharing them with you. Again and again, they remind us of the guiding principle of soHza:

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