we want to help 1 million women both locally and globally by 2020

We were three sisters with a passion and love for women. On April 13th, 2013, we launched soHza sister: a social enterprise dedicated to helping women both locally and globally.

Our business is focused in two ways:

A Magazine for Women:  Our magazine is full of powerful stories featuring women as change-makers. It connects women—story to story—cause to cause.

An Online Jewelry Store: We also have an online store that sells jewelry made by women survivors from developing countries. We carefully select artisan groups that train, employ, and empower women, lifting them and their families out of poverty. These artisans flourish as independent businesswomen and drive sustainable development in their communities.

In addition, we impact women locally by giving 15% from all jewelry sales to local nonprofits for women. In each market, we look for nonprofits that help economic development for women, domestic violence prevention, current day trafficking, health and wellness, and leadership for young girls.

Join our movement— become a soHza sister. Read our magazine, connect with the women, and share their stories.

Go to and buy our amazing jewelry.

You, too, can help women—both here and there.

We are building long term partners with these artisan groups.

Today we work with over 22 co-ops in 11 different countries helping over 2000 women.

Here are some of their stories:


the power of women | the story behind out soHza uganda collection

the story behind our soHza uganda collection Brittany Underwood In 2004, Brittany Underwood was moved to compassion as a sophomore in college after meeting a Ugandan woman named Sarah who cared for 24 street children in her home. Compassion escalated to action as...

the bracelets of freedom | the story behind our soHza colombian collection

the bracelets of freedom the story behind our soHza colombian collection In the morning, she wakes. She is poor but happy. Surrounded by a country rich in agriculture, coffee, bananas and flowers. Because she was born in Colombia, her husband is the breadwinner and...

designing a fairer world | Amanda’s Story

designing a fairer world | Amanda's Story By: Marcee Nelson Let’s say you’re a young woman in your 20s with a degree in finance and a secure career ahead of you.  But you start to feel a need to add more purpose to your life.  It would mean giving up your job, leaving...

The day Tida looked up

  The day Tida looked up.   Long hours of heavy construction work day after day in the blistering Vietnamese sun would be grueling even for someone who’s strong and physically fit. But picture this kind of manual labor being done a frail girl, deprived of...

Hanna’s Rise from the Water,
Laga Bags – Sumatera, Indonesia

It was Christmas Eve. Neatly wrapped gifts lay piled underneath the glimmering tree. “Silver Bells” played softly in the background as our guests arrived.  I remember the soft glow of vanilla candles as we all sang carols while swatting mosquitoes and dripping in...

“I found a purpose”,
Raven & Lily, India

“Before we used to just sleep, eat, read the Koran, and wait for a husband. Now, we are business women and we are becoming famous around the world. It feels great.” It makes me happy to think that what I make goes to beautiful women around the world. I have done...

Elsabit’s Journey
Raven & Lily, Ethiopia,Africa

  "I WOULD LIKE TO SAY TO THOSE WHO BUY OUR JEWELRY THAT YOU ARE NOT JUST BUYING JEWELRY, YOU ARE HELPING TO TRANSFORM OUR LIVES." When I came to the program, I was maried and pregnant with my son. At the same time my husband found out that he was HIV positive....

Nancy’s Journey,
Faire Collections, Ecuador

With only a single tarp to shade her from the scathing Ecuadorian sun and the sudden torrential downpours, Nancy would sell her jewelry each day in the market in Otavalo, where her customer base was limited and sales were unpredictable. At nightfall, she would pack up...

We have 10 non profit partners here in Cincinnati and Columbus including Girls on the Run Cincinnati/Columbus, Women Helping Women, Pink Ribbon Girls, Women of Excellence, YWCA Cincinnati/Columbus, the Women’s Fund, Freedom a la Cart, and Dress for Success.

Our magazine is published twice a year, in the Spring and Fall. Each issue, our local non-profit partners nominate a soHza sister, an amazing woman who does little things that make a big difference. We also share stories from some of our artisans around the world.


We love our great local non-profit partners

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our vision is to create a better world by helping women.

our impact:

  • 2 year goal = $100,000 of sales to local non-profits 10% 10%
  • 5 year goal = $1,000,000 of sales to global artisan survivors 18% 18%

our beliefs:

  •  a woman’s potential is limitless
  •  women have a common bond no matter where they are from
  •  strength can grow from creative expression
  •  women like to help other women
  •  an accumulation of little acts can make a big difference

our goals:

  • to empower women to share their stories
  • to connect cause to commerce
  • to impact thousands of women both locally and globally
  • to create a movement that empowers women to be at the center of change

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