Screen shot 2014-02-27 at 4.55.52 PMCombining efforts of non-profits for women and inspirational artists from all over the world, learn how the local ladies behind this new initiative are making a difference.

SoHza Jewelry began its inspirational journey with a question: “How can we pull the ties of women together to teach tolerance through women’s bonds globally?” Debbie Lupariello, one of the four women who launched soHza, came up with the answer to the question when she bought her mother a fair trade necklace from Guatemala.

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“I was blown away by the connection I felt to the woman who made the necklace,” Lupariello recalls. That same Christmas, Lupariello’s sister, Vicki Miller, got a fair trade bracelet from Ghana as a gift from her best friend, Cassi Baker. “This made Vicki and I start thinking about how this connection could be strengthened,” explains Lupariello. “We started growing our vision and business plan.”


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