sensitivity, by Ruby Miller

sensitivity, by Ruby Miller

Sensitivity, by Ruby Miller Past moments slip through your thoughts and continue to echo. You can't understand why you're stuck in place. Their laughter and voices stare down on you as you shrink into the only way you now see yourself--through their eyes. Your mind...

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What have I done? By Krista Guagenti

What have I done?
By Krista Guagenti

When the soHza Sisters asked me to write an article about how I have helped empower other women in our community and around the world, I thought, what have I done that could possibly compare to what so many other influential and inspirational women have done in their...

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Out of the Box Thinking
By Gary Huber

Out of the Box Thinking   By: Dr. Gary Huber What you think and believe drives every action throughout your life. Your thoughts and beliefs are installed into your brain by those around you. Your family, the community you grew up in, government agencies and...

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the kitchen
The Kitchen

Blurring the line between patron and chef

231 East Livingston Ave
Columbus, OH 43215


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Columbus • Upper Arlington

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