the bracelets of freedom

the story behind our soHza colombian collection

In the morning, she wakes. She is poor but happy. Surrounded by a country rich in agriculture, coffee, bananas and flowers.

Because she was born in Colombia, her husband is the breadwinner and disciplinarian for the family. He will decide what role she will play to uphold the family pride and its position within the community.

Many women avoid working outside the home altogether, that would injure the family status, honor, or virtue.

But now someone is offering them a hope for change, a step toward freedom. It’s called Kutula Kiss.

Kutula Kiss helps women artisans, the ones who have mastered the Colombian tradition of exquisitely handcrafted jewelry. They are proud of their natural technique to make beautiful bracelets.  This really is a true art. To us, the bracelets the women make are beautiful. To them, they are freedom itself.

They work from their homes—grateful for the opportunity. They can raise their children and look after their parents. In many ways, they continue to fulfill the centuries-old roles they have been assigned, living in small towns as farmers’ wives. But now there’s an important difference. Because now they are also earning a fair wage on their own. With wages comes independence. The freedom to make better choices for their children.

And at night, they can whisper to their daughters the words: “Dream big, sweetheart. Because in this world, anything can happen.”

Shop our new soHza colombian collection from kutula kiss

15% of every purchase goes to a local women’s cause you choose.

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