As the owner and president, of ADC Art Design Consultants, Inc., I often get stopped by people who hardly know me to tell me how “lucky” I am to do what I do—work with artists, designers, and clients to create beautiful and unforgettable spaces. In some ways they’re right: I am lucky (more on that in a minute). In other ways, I am decidedly not. People who think that twenty-five years of business can be reduced down to luck, don’t seem to know the full story. They don’t seem to know what goes on behind the scenes, namely how much work, sacrifice, and risk is involved in running one’s own business.

But for those of us who do run businesses, we already know about long hours and the willpower required to succeed. Explaining this to group of professional women is like preaching to the choir. Instead, I’d like to go back to talking about being “lucky” and recognizing the ways that I am. (Though what some may call “luck,” I like to call “blessed.”) Yes, I was blessed early on to be born to two Greek immigrants, who gave up all they knew and all the people they loved to come to America to give their two daughters a better life and a chance at an education. My parents, Petros and Sophia, are as much a part of my success as my hard work. In many ways, they are the reason I work so hard to this day. Most importantly, it’s because of their passion and drive I was able to discover and nurture my own from a young age.

They allowed me to discover and pursue my passion in art. And perhaps no one was more inspiring than my own mother. Using nothing but her own two hands and her imagination, she created one-of-kind works of art for my sister and I to wear. I remember feeling so beautiful—so alive—in the clothes she made us. I knew at such a young age that I wanted to dedicate the rest of
my life to recreating that unforgettable experience. Artists literally perform magic every time they create something out of nothing, just like my mom did all those years ago.

As a young entrepreneur with a dream to bring art—and the incredible feelings that came with it—to everyone, I opened the doors of ADC in 1992. In the twenty-five years since, I’ve grown my small, humble business from a 500-square-foot basement office into a world-class, 10,000 square foot full-service fine art gallery that has been recognized as one of the country’s top women-owned businesses.

This business is my life and my passion. I personally select every artist we work with. I know them by name. I know their style, and I want to help them grow their career. I feel an incredible responsibility for my artists’ success. Not a day goes by that I don’t feel incredibly blessed and lucky to be able to use my passion to help others succeed.

Granted I don’t do it alone. Another way I am blessed is that I get to work with an experienced team. I show up to work each day excited to learn from each of them. We all work together to make our clients happy. Each client has a specific feeling they are going for when creating a space. Whatever feeling or experience our client is hoping to achieve, my team can find the perfect piece to do just that—whether it’s with sparkling glass, intricate sculpture, richly textured paintings, or exquisite photograph.

My ultimate goal is to see original art in every home and business, and to support as many talented working artists as I can. There is nothing more inspiring and more life-giving than this for me. I have personally experienced the life-changing effects of art, and I want everyone to feel this way. That’s why I wrote Secrets of the Art World: Getting Real about the Process, Business, and Selling of Your Work. I wanted to pay it forward and help others live their dream, all the while sharing all that I’ve learned along the way, which is: Luck is really just the collision of gratitude, passion, and hard work.

To learn more about ADC Art Design Consultants visit or their gallery on the fifth floor of The Edge Building, located on 310 Culvert Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 between 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Have a space you would like us to design with the perfect piece? Call us at 513.723.1222 or email

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