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What is soHza sister?

It’s you. It’s us.

It’s the thread of caring
that connects us,
woman to woman,
and makes us powerful.

In the midst of a beautiful world,
people are hurting.

In places both far away and right next door.

The thread of caring gives each of us the power
to change that world.

Together, we can mend broken hearts,
dreams, and families.

Together, we are soHza sisters.

Join our movement connecting women story to story—cause to cause.

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they are woman change makers

Joules Evans

nominated by Pink Ribbon Girls

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Madison Brown

nominated by Girls on the Run of Central Ohio

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Andrea Bashor

nominated by Pink Ribbon Girls

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Marlo Lawson

nominated by Dress for Success

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Judge Heather S. Russell

nominated by Women Helping Women

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Liz Brown

nominated by YWCA Columbus

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Sheila Munafo-Kanoza

nominated by Women of Excellence

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Ashley Weaver

nominated by Girls on the Run Franklin Co.

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by: Ruby Miller

(a 17 year old at Upper Arlington High School, Columbus, OH)

turning recycled bullet casings into art

In Ethiopia, farmers supply bead makers with artillery shells (from former war conflicts) that are found on their lands. Through traditional techniques passed down for generations, the women artisans melt these shells down to produce these delicate hand crimped beads that are made into art.

When a woman is at the center of change anything is possible

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